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I used Welcome Home Midwifery for my fourth delivery (and second home delivery). I have used a different provider with each birth - all midwives with natural deliveries in the Knoxville area- and for the first time I can say with confidence that I would be so excited to hire Paige again for any future pregnancies. Paige made every aspect of my prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care a wonderful experience. She laughed with me, and heard me when I had concerns or struggles. She became more than a provider during our months together - I truly feel that she is also a friend. She pours herself deeply into each Mama, and I was so grateful to have her by my side. She has a God-given gift for caring for Mamas and babies, and I am so thankful for her!


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I would definitely recommend Paige to anyone! She is fantastic at what she does. She is caring and I knew I could trust her to take care of my baby and me. She goes out of her way to provide the best care possible. She is easy to talk to and always made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I ended up having to deliver at the hospital due to complications but I will never regret choosing Paige as my midwife. She provided excellent, thorough prenatal and postnatal care. She checked on baby and me often even while we were at the hospital during delivery. She is so supportive and I will always consider her as a friend to my family. Hire her! You won’t regret it.


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Paige is an amazing midwife!! I always wanted to have a home birth, and so we opted for my first home birth with my 5th baby this past summer. I was so impressed and thankful for Paige’s level or expertise. I always trusted her and felt safe with her. My home birth went better than I could have ever imagined. If we have more children we plan to call Paige again. I can’t recommend her enough!!


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